- participate in the group exhibition in the "All Russian decorative art museum"

- personal virtual exhibition "Who made Who"

- participate in the Fifth inter-regional academic exhibition «Against the stream» Less

- participate in the group exhibition in the concept place "Primitive + design" (Tel Aviv, Israel)

- personal exhibition in the concept place "L'appartement" (Moscow)
- exposition in the Jewish Museum (New York, USA)

- exposition in the Jewish Museum (New York, USA)

- participate (sale) in a closed charity auction (Zurich, Switzerland)

- participate in the group exhibition in the gallery "Art-com" (Vienna, Austia)
.- personal exhibition in the Exhibition Hall "Moscow" (Moscow)
- participate in the city's art event "Museum night " of the Exhibition Hall "Na Kashirke"(Moscow)
- participate in the project "Metamorphoses of Time" in the Gallery "Na Kashirke". IV fair .."Moscow Artesaniya", Exhibition Hall of the Moscow State Art Gallery "New Manege" (Moscow)
- participate in the art project "Golden Hands of Russia", in the Gallery on Red Square.(Moscow)

- participate in the project "Museum night" (Ekaterinburg)

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1993 - the art school. (5 years)

2001 - Tomsk State University, at the Department of Culturology, the direction “Fine arts”. (5 years)

2005- the professional courses “Computer graphics and web- design” in Tomsk State University of Management and Radio Electronics. (2 years)

2019 - the professional courses “Marketing ” in Netology (6 months)

2020 - Neuromarketing


..........Born in 1984 in Tomsk. Member of the creative union of artists of Russia.
..........I came up with my collage method after long technical searches and experiments, as well as thanks to my extensive travel experience, in which I was deeply immersed in the culture of other countries. It was this variety of languages, customs, habits and stories that allowed me to see the heterogeneity and diversity of the world - and it was exactly the collage that became the fullest reflection of this plentifulness of impressions. For me, one of the most powerful sources of inspiration is the city, its energy and perpetual motion. My works take the form of a study of urban environment: we notice typical urban textures and images in them, we feel the dynamics of the city and its organic complexity. It is important to note that the city acts as a space of both collective and individual experience - this allows each viewer to “recognize” my works, being like a part of a typical city wall, covered with posters and numerous layers of paint. Conveying this versatility and semantic layering is done with the help of my special technique, which has become the result of constant experiments and continues to become more complicated, combining academic knowledge and new materials and methods.
..........Often, I'm using prints instead of canvas - photographs taken in various cities of the world; and also, the works contain such experimental elements as threads, nails, posters, special pastes. The texture of my works appears a particularly important artistic and expressive means: it is in various texture layers that the energy, dynamics of the city and at the same time the depth of personal emotional experience are concealed - and all this is the most important feature of my creativity.